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Does my lender really have 20 years or longer to foreclose?

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Yes, according to at least one Arizona judge.  The time a lender has to foreclose, or its statute of limitations, is the same as the timeframe to sue for payment on the loan.  See A.R.S. § 33-816.  This is typically 6 years.  See A.R.S. § 12-548.  However, a little known case held that each payment is a separate default entitled to its own statute of limitations.  See Navy Fed. C.U. v. Jones, 187 Ariz. 493 (App. 1996).  In other words, if a borrower hasn’t made payment on a loan for 10 years, only 4 years of payments are barred by the statute of limitation (those payments 6 years old or older).  Under this argument, the mortgage lender can still sue (or foreclose) on the principal amount and the most previous 6 years of payments due.  The Navy Fed case did not involve a foreclosure and seemed to contradict decades of previous foreclosure cases.  But at least one judge believes it is good law and allowed a lender to foreclose after 9 years of non-payment.




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